So I made a Webring (which was the style at the time)

While I was suffering from a bout of World Wide Web Nostalgia I built The HTML Hobbyist website. The intent was to: Enjoy building a simple hand-coded artisanal HTML website. Provide instructions on how others could build and upload a similar hobbyist website of their own. Show how quick, easy, and affordable it has become… Continue reading So I made a Webring (which was the style at the time)

World Wide Web Nostalgia

In 2018, I had had this exchange: …and then the idea just stewed, like some ideas do. Ideas that linger and you never quite let go of. For almost three and a half years. And very recently something just put me into motion. Maybe it was the craziness on social media. Maybe it was visiting… Continue reading World Wide Web Nostalgia

This is not hand soap

People think in symbols but the symbols in our mind are not the actual objects themselves. That is to say: when you think of an apple, that apple is not real. This is the treachery of symbols. The symbols in our mind don’t always match the reality of an object. We think we know how… Continue reading This is not hand soap