So I made a Webring (which was the style at the time)

While I was suffering from a bout of World Wide Web Nostalgia I built The HTML Hobbyist website. The intent was to: Enjoy building a simple hand-coded artisanal HTML website. Provide instructions on how others could build and upload a similar hobbyist website of their own. Show how quick, easy, and affordable it has become… Continue reading So I made a Webring (which was the style at the time)

The Wayback Machine

Let me introduce you to this wonderful tool that can be used in your web archaeology travels: The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. The Wayback Machine is a digital archive of the World Wide Web, and has been archiving versions of websites since 1996. Sadly, we may have already lost much of the early web: sites… Continue reading The Wayback Machine

World Wide Web Nostalgia

In 2018, I had had this exchange: …and then the idea just stewed, like some ideas do. Ideas that linger and you never quite let go of. For almost three and a half years. And very recently something just put me into motion. Maybe it was the craziness on social media. Maybe it was visiting… Continue reading World Wide Web Nostalgia