Hugo Nominees Flipping the Bird

I’m only posting this because it amuses my 12-year-old self…

I forget what events transpired leading up to this, but it was at Howard Tayler’s coffee klatsch at Balticon scheduled at 11am, so (theoretically) no alcohol was involved.

Lawrence M. Schoen, Hugo Nominee, Flippin' the Bird
Lawrence M. Schoen
Short Story: “The Moment”
Paolo Bacigalupi, Hugo Nominee, Flippin' the Bird
Paolo Bacigalupi
Novel: The Windup Girl
Howard Tayler, Hugo Nominee, Flippin' the Bird
Howard Tayler
Graphic Story: Schlock Mercenary: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse

If I can get other Hugo Nominees to send me images maybe I’ll make a collectible card game out of it.

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