2018 goals: midpoint

This is the halfway mark. Not much has changed in my initial goals, but I still feel like I’m making decent progress. Additional things have popped up that I’ve had to address, above and beyond my personal goals, so in one sense that may be slowing me down, but in another I’m pretty pleased with being able to address everything that I have. Regarding my more artistic personal goals, I’m sharpening my tools and about to get to the real work. Here’s the current status of my 2018 goals…

By the end of 2018 I’d like to have:

  • Painted 50 paintings: Expected: 24; Actual: 0, because I can’t get out of my own way.
  • Ran a cumulative 1000 miles: Expected: 500; Actual: 107 miles, although I’m 400 miles behind I’ve still got time to make it up.
  • Written 50 blog posts: Expected: 24; Actual: 21.
  • Posted 12 videos on YouTube: Expected: 6; Actual: 0, but there will be video soon.
  • Created a portfolio of 12 graphic design works: I have 2 designs, and more to be completed. Will post them soon.
  • Practiced the trumpet for 50 hours: Expected: 0; Actual: 0.
  • Run a 5k race in under 24 minutes: Expected: By end of Q3; Actual: ?
  • Run a marathon in under 5 hours: Expected: November; Actual: ?
  • Lifted 1000# in the big 3 lifts: Expected: not yet; Actual: I’ve started lifting again.
  • Settled my remaining SF/F/H debts: I’ve written an apology letter.

Projects I’d like to complete this year:

  • Launch a new SF/F/H online magazine with an associated podcast: still trying to sync up with potential host; launch in Q3.
  • Edit and publish one anthology/collection: in the queue.
  • Create and publish a mobile app: v1 requirements are being worked on.
  • Write and submit a technical article: no, but I know what I’m writing.
  • Write a fiction story: no.
  • Write one non-fiction book: no.
  • Write a novel: no. I think I’ll schedule this for NanoWriMo in November.

Additional notes for the past three months:

  • I’ve pulled myself away from my intended path in Art History. I felt a great need to attend to tackling the creative theory books on my list.
  • I’ve skipped ahead a bit in Art History and read a few books on M.C. Escher. I guess I’m having some nostalgia for college. I absolutely love Escher.
  • I’m still working on Vasari’s The Lives of the Artists. Taking it slowly.
  • I’ve created a page called A Very Artistic Library to list out the most useful art books I’ve found so far.
  • Tackled some integration between Facebook and some of my existing sites. There’s a Space Western Magazine page that I’m experimenting with. Other pages for other sites to follow.
  • I’ve launched a journal to explain my attempts at raising money to help fund my daughter’s college education at How Am I Going To Pay For This?
  • I’ve been teaching my daughter web design, and she’s been doing light HTML work to earn money for school. By the end of the summer I expect her to be doing CSS and design.
  • At work I’ve had to up my development skills. I’ve read a plethora of Web Performance books and watched over 100 hours of Web Development classes. I have even more classes to watch next quarter.
  • Have a small list of technology projects to accomplish.

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