2018 goals: first 3 months

The bitter cold and late snow has slowed me down in some of my goals, but it’s still early enough to make gains. Here’s the current status of my 2018 goals…

By the end of 2018 I’d like to have:

  • Painted 50 paintings: Expected: 12; Actual: 0.
  • Ran a cumulative 1000 miles: Expected: 250; Actual: 42 miles.
  • Written 50 blog posts: Expected: 12 Actual: 7 (with 4 more in the chamber).
  • Posted 12 videos on YouTube: Expected: 3; Actual: 0.
  • Created a portfolio of 12 graphic design works: I have a list, I have thumbnails of some of the items in the list, and I should start churning them out soon.
  • Practiced the trumpet for 50 hours: Expected: 0; Actual: 0.
  • Run a 5k race in under 24 minutes: Expected: not yet; Actual: Race season just started.
  • Run a marathon in under 5 hours: Expected: not yet; Actual: Race season just started, but I feel good about his after the Love Run in March.
  • Lifted 1000# in the big 3 lifts: Expected: not yet; Actual: I will get there.
  • Settled my remaining SF/F/H debts: working on it.

Projects I’d like to complete this year:

  • Launch a new SF/F/H online magazine with an associated podcast: gearing up in Q2; launch in Q3?
  • Edit and publish one anthology/collection: in the queue.
  • Create and publish a mobile app: v1 requirements are being worked on.
  • Write and submit a technical article: no, but I know what I’m writing.
  • Write a fiction story: no.
  • Write one non-fiction book: no.
  • Write a novel: no.

Additional notes for the past three months:

Made some minor updates to several of my existing sites.

  • Read ¾ of the Art books that I had set aside at the beginning of the year.
  • I’m about to tackle Vasari’s The Lives of the Artists. It’s dense, and I want to wring everything out of it that I can. It might take me most of the rest of the year to finish this.
  • Began refocusing on some technology.
  • Began addressing some smaller technology projects.

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